About us

Leading hi-tech in different light for a safer world

What we do

IRnova is an independent Swedish company, supplying innovative and high-end cooled infrared detectors enhancing your video and imaging solutions in commercial, industrial and military equipment.

With IRnova as your long-term partner you will always have access to the latest infrared technologies empowering you to create cost-effective and reliable products bringing better value to your customers.

Protecting the environment

We take great pride in our work to contribute to a greener and more sustainable world. Our foremost contribution is by producing excellent gas and pollution detectors.
Idun 1055 is one of the most advanced detectors on the market for detecting SF6 - a gas which is nearly 24,000 times more dangerous to the climate than CO2.
Garm LW Pol can visualize oil spills on the ocean surface and greatly enhance the ability to detect and monitor oil on water before it reaches the shore and simplifies its collection at sea.

Our history

Cooled infrared detectors R&D launched in Sweden in 1986. Remarkable design achievements were followed by volume production contracts disseminating 2D QWIP detector arrays into all major defense programs in Sweden and abroad.
IRnova was created as a spin-off in 2007, working in the forefront of innovation: pioneering, then leading gas imaging detector production, delivering the smallest QWIP pixel pitch array in the world.
As early believers of T2SL material, IRnova entered production in 2012 and is now the most advanced European T2SL supplier!

Our passion

Our work is all about detecting and visualizing phenomena or objects invisible to the naked eye and we continuously strive to improve and expand the spectrum of what can be seen through infrared.
It is our firm belief that an expanded field of vision makes the world a safer place by seeing hazards, pollution and any other potential threats.

IRnova is leading hi-tech in different light for a safer world.

Meet with us

What are we up to? We are transforming the market. Come and find us - we exhibit at several tradeshows every year, run roadshows and have a vibrant online presence. Please follow us on LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter or in our news section to find out where to meet us next.

Upcoming events:

SPIE in Anaheim 28-30 April 2020
Eurosatory in Paris 8-12 June 2020