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Type II super lattice (T2SL or SLS) is the latest, emerging infrared technology, capable of outperforming all existing infrared technologies and without their main drawbacks like poor array uniformity or limited detection cutoff. In MWIR, T2SL can operate at higher FPA temperature (HOT), allowing for Smaller detectors with less Weight and less Power consumption, SWaP. T2SL also combines unprecedented image uniformity and high operability (typical 99.8-99.9%) allowing for easy camera integration and a clearer picture.

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IRnova can add polarimetric detection capabilities to the QWIP infrared detectors, making the detector able to identify man-made objects with the same temperature as its surroundings at long distance. This feature allows for some very interesting applications such as detecting UAVs, camouflage denial (you can, for instance, spot a car in the gap between the leaves), distinguish canvas from trees and detecting oil-spill on water. All in darkness. 

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The QWIP technology is still going strong and we anticipate many years of further development ahead. We're improving the gas detection range as well as developing specialized applications (such as the polarimetric detector mentioned above), using the unique flexibility of the QWIP technology. QWIP is a stable, proven and reliable technology, excellent for demanding LWIR applications.


IRnova is equipped with state of the art machinery. We are in advanced stage on HD detectors design with pixel pitch lower than 10 µm.

T2SL MWIR detectors will soon be released to meet the increasing demand.

Coming products

Oden MW HOT T2SL SWaP started to ship to early customers. Another variant of Oden with other cut-off wavelengths will shortly follow. HD T2SL detector is scheduled to be available in late 2021 or early 2022.

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