35 years of Infrared

Research, dedication and a great team are the foundations of our success

Our history

IRnova, now an independent company, has its roots in the Swedish research company Acreo and started out as a supplier to the Swedish defense industry. The history dates back to 1986 when the Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) research started within Acreo. When the QWIP research had proven successful and production of Focal Plane Arrays (FPA) was established, shortly after the millennium, Acreo recruited key personnel and formed a workgroup with the intention of transforming this cutting-edge research into products for a wider market. With the strong R&D tradition a solid production- and sales capability was added and the team that was to become IRnova was formed. In 2007 the company was officially launched.

2019 - T2SL HOT SWaP

Launch of HOT SWaP VGA format IDDCA

2019 - IRnova 2.0

New website and new logotype

2018 - Polarimetric QWIP

Production of polarimetric LWIR detector

2017 - QWIP VGA 15 µm

Production launch of 15 μm pitch QWIP IDDCA

2016 - T2SL Dual color

QVGA MWIR dual color pixelated array

2014 - T2SL

Serial production of QVGA T2SL MWIR IDDCA for gas detection

Launch of VGA format 15 μm pitch T2SL MWIR IDDCA

2012 - QWIP SF6

Serial production of QVGA QWIP LWIR IDDCA for SF6 gas detection

2010 FPA to IDCCA

New equity onboard and an updated strategy

2010 - IRnova

T2SL product development starts

2007 - IRnova

IRnova is launched from ACREO

2005 - T2SL

T2SL research is started


Production launch of high resolution 25 μm pitch QWIP FPA


Volume production of QVGA QWIP FPA serving Swedish indigenous infrared systems

1996 - QWIP

First QWIP prototype

1986 - Initiation

QWIP research initiated in Sweden under ACREO