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The Lab

Our cleanroom is located within a 1.500m2, ISO9001 certified space dedicated to fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials. We have all the machinery, equipment and processes needed for modeling, production and evaluation of FPAs and III-V materials. These envied assets combined with very experienced lab personnel creates an overall production environment that few companies in the world can match.


We have access to some of the most advanced machines for manufacturing FPAs, including steppers and 2 automated wafer tracks for lithography, a batch sputtering and an e-gun evaporator for metallization, ICP & RIE etching, PECVD deposition and a multitude of other tools for manufacturing and metrology. Our most recent acquisition is a top-of-the-line flip-chip machine for hybridization that facilitates production of HD FPAs with a pitch less than 10 µm.

The future

At IRnova we anticipate a fast growing demand for T2SL detectors in the near future and we have been ramping up our production capabilities for some time to be ready for your orders. The latest quality improvement work has allowed for production of 15 µm pitch T2SL FPAs with a 99.9% operability and remarkable uniformity.

IRnova is leading hi-tech in different light for a safer world.

Join us!

We are always on the lookout for highly motivated individuals with exceptional talent. Do you want to share your passion for infrared? Would you like to join some of the finest minds and contribute to our unique vision for infrared?

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