Freja X

Superior gas detection capability with the new T2SL (superlattice) technology. The highly uniform and stable Freja array with 320x256 pixels and 30 µm pitch is combined with a filter of your choice to satisfy any optical gas imaging (OGI) requirements in the MWIR waveband.


The Freja X detector takes advantage of IRnova’s T2SL technology breakthrough and wide optical aperture options (F/1.2 or F/2) to provide best-in-class gas detection capability. In addition to our off-the-shelf detectors, we can also offer the Freja detector with a customized filter tailored to your specifications. The groundbreaking T2SL technology combines all the benefits of alternative detector materials (low NETD, excellent quantum efficiency, array uniformity and operability) without their drawbacks. Designing state-of-the-art optical gas detection systems has never been so easy.


  • Optical gas imaging for any gas with absorption in the MWIR (3-5 µm) range
  • Handheld and battery powered cameras
  • Mobile and stationary platforms

Typical performance

Technology T2SL
Format 320x256
Pitch 30 µm 
Spectral range Customizable
Environmental conditions MIL-STD-810G
Steady state Power (20°C) 6 W
Weight 550 g
Dimensions 71x57x142 mm

Technical characteristics described above are not contractual and may change without prior notice.

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