As a leading supplier of optical gas imaging (OGI) detectors, world pioneer and sole European manufacturer of revolutionary T2SL (superlattice) detectors and small-pitch high-resolution QWIP, IRnova can be trusted to provide the best and most suitable detector solutions for every application.

Our applications

General purpose

Our general purpose detectors rely on IRnova’s unique T2SL and mastered QWIP infrared detectors, serving many defense, security and industrial applications. The stability and uniformity inherent to III/V detector technology are key enablers for fast and cost-efficient integration.

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Gas & Pollution detection

Our gas detectors are optimized for visualizing gas leaks and any other atmospheric absorption effects in industrial or defense applications. The optical gas imaging (OGI) product line is based on customized T2SL and QWIP detectors covering the full infrared spectrum.

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Extended detection

Our extended detection products are based on IRnova’s leading detector innovations, serving emerging applications. These unique detectors are disrupting traditional IR sensing techniques, bringing smartness to the detector level for new infrared imaging applications.

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