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IRnova is strengthening its sales force

IRnova AB announced today the appointment of Daniel Ribeiro as Vice President Sales.
Prior to IRnova, Daniel has worked for 20 years in the optronics industry in several companies and positions. More recently, Daniel served as senior OEM sales and key accounts manager at FLIR Systems, Inc. In that role he successfully developed the international OEM sales for both cooled and uncooled thermal sensors.

“Daniel will bring his extensive knowledge and sales expertise on the infrared OEM markets. His broad experience from sensors to optronic systems development will be a key asset to support IRnova’s ambitious plan to introduce its cutting edge sensors in both traditional and emerging applications”, said Ulrika Nordén Lidberg, CEO at IRnova AB.

IRnova has recently released several unique sensor technologies including small pixel pitch QWIP longwave IR sensors and T2SL midwave IR sensors, both adding to the innovative optical gas imaging sensors suite. These two recent technology breakthroughs are the first results of long standing in-house III-V research.

“These new technological assets are paving the way for many new sensor designs, game changers for legacy markets and enablers for exciting emerging applications”, said Eric Costard, CTO at IRnova.

About IRnova

IRnova, based in Kista (Sweden), is an independent and privately owned company, with a long track record supplying high performance cooled IR sensors. Since the 90’s, its unique in-house sensors design and volume manufacturing capabilities served key demanding programs worldwide for both military and industrial markets.